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Thread: Errors when granting privileges for new user

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    When I tried to grant "create procedure" and "select all table" to a new user, it gave me the following error

    ORA-604: error occurred at recursive SQL level 1
    ORA-376: file 43 cannot be read at this time
    ORA-1111: name for datafile 43 is unknown - rename to correct file
    ORA-1110: datafile 43:'c:\orant81\database\missing00043'

    I have no trouble with granting other privileges, just the above two.
    And neither me or the other DBA here has seen this error before - if there is problem with the database it needs resolving today.

    Has anyone encountered similar error before? If so, how was it resolved?


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    Did you perform a recovery lately? The missingNNN file name usually comes up after a recovery.
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