I installed patch on our AIX 5L 10g DB. After which i can not
start my dbconsole.

$ export TZ=Asia/Manila
$ emctl start dbconsole

Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Database Control Release
Copyright (c) 1996, 2004 Oracle Corporation. All rights reserved.

Timezone mismatch: The agentTZRegion value (Asia/Manila) in
does not match the current environment TZ setting(Asia/Manila).
The dbconsole cannot run with this mismatch.

If Asia/Manila is the correct timezone, set your timezone environment variable
to Asia/Manila and repeat the 'emctl start dbconsole' operation.

If Asia/Manila is not the correct timezone, make sure that the timezone in your
environment is correct, and then run the following command in your local Oracle
Home: 'emctl resetTZ agent'

The output of this command will include detailed instructions to follow, to
correct the mismatch.