Hai Everybody.
I have strange problem in RMAN backups. I'm taking weekly database full backups using RMAN. I did not take the Archive Logs backup fro about one month. When I found that the archive logs were growing fast, I deleted some of them. Now, After a months time when I'm taking backup of the 'Archive Logs' it requests me the earlier Archive Logs also. But, as I deleted them, I'm not able to provide the archivelogs. So, Ultimately, I'm not able to take backup of archivelogs, even using the 'from' syntax also. Is there any way to tell RMAN to stop asking about the earlier Archive Logs and just take the backup of existing Archive Logs.

Even, When I'm trying "backup database plus archivelogs", it fails now again asking the same earlier Archive Logs. The point is that I'm not interested in the earlier Archive Log files as I'm not interested in earlier backups too. Inspite of setting the 'Recovery Window' period to a 7 days, I'm not able to delete the obsolete archivelogs. As they were already deleted manually, It's just hanging and not doing anything. Please help me..

Dileep T.V.R.