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Thread: copy tables from one database to another

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    I am trying to copy a table from one database to another using:

    copy from hcfa5/hcfa5@dmdb-
    create hcfa.dis_doc_rename -
    using select * from hcfa5.dis_doc_rename;

    but I am getting a 'fetch out of sequence' error

    what am I doing wrong???

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    hmm... but you can always export and import.

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    Is that database (dmdb) a non-oracle data source? I have seen this error using a DB Link to an AS/400 DB/2 box.

    The way we got around it was to create the structure of the source table on the destination database and then use:
    insert into x select * from x@dblink;
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    No need to create structure also. Just say

    Create table my_table as select * from his_table@dblinkname;

    This should work.

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