Hai Everyone.
We are using Oracle9i RAC. The setup is as follows:

Shared Storage: 1 - EMC Clarion CX-300 (RAID 10)
RAC Nodes: 2 - Dell Poweredge 2650 Servers (2 CPU, 8GB RAM)
Private Interconnect: Gigabit Ethenet Cards

We are doing Load Testing on our application. We are using a load of about 100 - 500 hits/sec, I mean the application load, acheived with the help of a Tool.

When I pull the statspack report, in the "Top 5 Timed Events" I'm getting high amount of waits on 'buffer busy waits' and 'enqueue'.
I'm using segment space management as AUTO and even I have increased the INITRANS to 3 on the tables. I would like to know, how can I remove these wait events.