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    Jun 2004
    Got it. Okay I ran bith with UNION and UNION ALL.

    With UNION:

    It ran the second query first, and then the first.
    Time it took: Elapsed: 00:00:14.94

    With UNION ALL:

    It ran the first query and then the second:
    Time it took: Elapsed: 00:00:14.06

    With my Select for the function
    Time it took: Elapsed: 00:00:14.50

    So, should I change my function to have UNION ALL, instead of using a cursor?

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    May 2005
    So, should I change my function to have UNION ALL, instead of using a cursor?
    Follow Tom Kyte's Mantra http://asktom.oracle.com/pls/ask/f?p...:1205168148688 :

    o if you can do it in a single sql statement - do so.
    o if you cannot, do it in as little PLSQL as you can.
    o if you cannot, because plsql cannot do it, try some java (eg: sending an email
    with an attachment)
    o if you cannot do it in java (too slow, or you have some existing 3gl code
    already) do it in C as an extproc.
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    Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterwards.

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    I discern from his Mantra that I should use UNION ALL in my report, instead of nested table. I thought theier website went down. This new looks really cool. Thanks for helping.

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