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Thread: Database Recovery

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    Hi, We are experiencing a database crash in the production database running in winnt Oracle version 8.1.6. The database is in archivelog mode. I have full database RMAN backup as on 1-12-2000 and subsequent incermental backup and archive log files.
    I tried to do a recovery, but I got ORA-00283 and ORA-01579.

    Pl advise how to restore the database.

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    Cool trace file?

    What does your trace file say? Look that up and post results.
    WEhen looking up your error I get:
    shamrock% oerr ORA 01579
    01579, 00000, "write error occurred during recovery"
    // *Cause: A write error occurred during recovery
    // *Action: Consult trace files for the nature of the write error, and
    // correct error.

    - Magnus

    ps: are you using RMAN to recover or command line?

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    May be your datafile is corrupt, or your hard disk is having some bad sectors.

    Try to restore it on some other machine
    Kishore Kumar

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    Database recovery

    Hi, thanks for the response. The trace file says OSD error.
    DBWR generates the following error.
    KCF: write/open error block=0x305f1 online=1
    file=2 I:\ORACLE\GABS\RBS01.DBF
    error=27069 txt: 'OSD-04026: Invalid parameter passed. (OS 198129)'
    I don't know what is OSD error. Consultated Oracle Support, and the HW vendor.
    The M/c is running Microsoft Cluster Service. Disks are Okay.
    Pl reply at the earliest.

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    Are you using any third party backup / archive software by any chance?

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    No we are not using any 3rd party backup s/w. we are using RMAN in command mode for backup and recovery.

    Anybody can u tell me what is meaning of OSD. Have any one of u experienced the same.

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