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    Trigger Vs Procedure

    Dear Developers,
    I am working on a finger print system for attandance information of our empluyees, the problem is that the software that comes with the device has a MS Access DB , so I have created a link table to the oracle Database.

    Actually now here is the scenario :
    1- The device does not download the finger print directly from the device once the employee comes in the morning. no these transactions needs to be downloaded at some creatin time.

    2- the thing is that when the employees data are downloaded I want to distribute these data to different tables . at the same time..

    I will try to make it clear with this :

    1- MS Access Recieves Data from the Finger Print system.
    2- Link table in the MS Access DB Mirrors the data to a table in Oracle DB
    3- after this data has reached the table in oracle I need to ditribute it to different tables within the schema , so after this long introduction :-) , how do you people suggest I do it ?

    Shoudl it be done via Trigger on the Oracle Table or Procedure ?
    I mean the transactions that might come from the MS Access DB to the Oracle Table is 1000+ entries from the reader can an on trigger handle them without missing any ??

    Sorry for saying the story of my life :P

    Aiman Al-Jumoay

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    If you are using an odbc driver to get to the Access database, than you can move all of the data to Oracle, install a client, and connect to Oracle via ODBC. How many workstations use this software? You would be better off directly using Oracle.

    Then at some point in the future you could change to using native Oracle drivers.
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    yes I am using an ODBC Connection from the Access to the Oracle Database but the question is that when the software downloads the transactions into the table can the On - Insert Trigger handle the distribution of Data to other tables ? without missing any transactions , will the trigger fire for all the transactions ? because as I said earlier 1000 > transactions are being downloaded.

    Aiman Al-Jumoay

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