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Thread: Run programs from Oracle

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    Run programs from Oracle

    Dear Developers,

    Good Morning, I would like you to know if it is possible to run a program from the an Oracle Form.

    The Problem is the following :
    -- I have a program that prints TAGs
    -- The Program reads from an oracle database table.
    -- The entries for the table should be entered from an oracle form.
    -- is it possible that after inserting the records into the table to start the program that prints the TAGS from the Oracle form without the need to exit the form to that program.

    I hope that I have cleared the problem.

    Aiman AL-Jumoay

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    It depends.
    Oracle Forms has a HOST command which can run an external program from within Forms.
    If you are not in a web-forms environment, this will run the program on the client machine.
    In webforms it will run the program on the application server.
    In the latter case, look into WEBUTIL on the site.

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    Thanks for the valuable information.

    I am not developing a web forms so I will start looking into the
    HOST Command

    Thanks Again

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    I searched for the HOST Command but could not get something useful because all the links that I have got otu for the search talks about UNIX ... I would appreciate help with links for HOST Command

    and also I would like to know is it possible to carry out the task with the DDE Package. if so then please provide me with possible documentation

    Aiman Al Jumoay

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    the syntax is :

    host("whatever os prog you want to run",TRUE/FALSE);

    TRUE/FALSE: If made TRUE, the command window will pop up.
    For forms the best palce to look for help is the online help provided by forms6i
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    Hi there ,
    That will be great what you have given me so far, with this HOST Command or the DDE built package I can start my program under Oracle, but now how can I do the following

    1- Start the program under Oracle with a specific Pre-Saved File
    2- is it possible to pass paramater to that program from Oracle ?

    Examples will be highly appreciated

    Aiman Al-Jumoay

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