I have developed an application, in the ON-LOGON at form
level trigger, i have written the connection string:

in this connection string i have used the service name HELLO. HELLO
connects the application with the server using the IP ADDRESS of
server. I have installed the application on a client machine, its
working and running well. The problem is if the server is shutdown or
here is any problem in netwok, when user run the program, it gives the
error message: TNS:could not resolve the service name.
and open the Logon box and again ask for the username, password and
database service name. If user press the cancle button, it closes the
logon box and shows the application form (but disconnected from the
database). I need that if user clicks the cancle button then
application must be closed, it should not show the canvauses of the

Any sugesstion will be highly appriciated.


Nametullah kalair