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Thread: ORA-12801 error signaled in parallel query server string

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    Angry ORA-12801 error signaled in parallel query server string

    Fellow Oracles,

    There is a nasty procedure in a nasty package which seems to cause this error quite frequently and I've run out of ideas as to why it happens.

    The best bet was to come out here and consult with some Oracles which have been around for quite a good amount of time.

    Anyone has ideas, or any little clue as to the instances which could possibly throw this error out.

    The cursor query of the procedure uses two materialised views which get refreshed once in an hour. They donot have indexes.

    Could it be that this error is caused when the procedure is called right at the time when the mat views refresh.

    or could it be anything else?

    ideas and suggestions are much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Post the code ( with
     my code
    tags ) for the nasty procedure and the mviews. You are going to find another error message in the error stack. What does that say? Have you traced a session running the procedure?
    Assistance is Futile...

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    hey waitecj,

    there are homo sapienses here who will dash into my cube and slingshot me back to the neanderthal age if i post codes in public forums as these.

    what happens next might be some george orwell novels type of inquisition rooms, who knows.

    but i'll try to get you an algorithm of the code or at least some parts of the code. but that's a different matter.

    the problem at hand is this, the code works perfectly fine in development and testing boxes, but misbehaves in the UAT box.

    tried meddling with the dev box and have figured out that this error sort of pops up when 2 users try running the package from 2 terminals at the same time. or maybe i'm just guessing.

    can't do a thing with the UAT box. there are paranoid androids who are called clients and who can't give access to the developers for all boxes.

    oh SWELL

    but thanks for listenin

    will get back to you some time with the code. but what's your take on the two users running the same package thing. could that be a reason?


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    From the error documentation:

    12801, 00000, "error signaled in parallel query server %s"
    // *Cause: A parallel query server reached an exception condition.
    // *Action: Check the following error message for the cause, and consult
    //          your error manual for the appropriate action.
    // *Comment: This error can be turned off with event 10397, in which
    //           case the server's actual error is signaled instead.
    So I suspect that it has more to do with O/S type stuff than actual Oracle issues, then again, perhaps not. Are there any other errors in the alert log, or any trace files generated around the time you get theses errors?

    You could try setting the event noted to see what the actual error is.


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