I did a quick run on the web.

--Saw that Jeff too got banned.
--David mentioned about someone having a bad day
--went to that someone's blog to see him wishing damnation for some people

hmm there is too much attention for someone who we can leave alone. Just let him be.


Honestly the point is this.A little true story.

"Many years back I was talking a walk with my dad on the street. A guy, known character, known for his abnormal behaviour was bothering just about anyone on the street. He comes up to my dad and curses him flat on his face. Spits on his face. I know coming from a very aggresive clan, such provocation can have very dire consequences for the opponent. But he camly walks away from the "disturbed" individual. I'm amazed! I ask him, why? how could you? I get an answer, "This guy is looking for someone to waste him, let someone else do him".

I think this is what we ought to do, this guy is going down. No need to hover around the dark clouds of his downwardspiralling descent.