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Thread: Oracle 8i Standard Edition

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    Hello everyone!

    We are going to build a Data warehouse and due to budget limitations our company purchased a Standard Edition of 8.1.6 for RS/6000 (AIX). Here is my question, are we going to have performance problems because of using Standard Edition?
    If anybody have any experience with Enterprise Edition vs Standard Edition please share it with me

    Thank you!

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    Standard and Enterprise editions are basically the same piece of software. There are options in Enterprise that are not in Standard, but if you are just using the basics, the performance should be the same.
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    I know you cannot use bitmap indices, common to warehouse environments.


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    Neither Patitioning!!
    I don't know about IOT (Index-Organized tables)
    If is it really a Datawarehouse, please, collect money :) and buy EE.
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