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Thread: Error in Compiling View

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    Error in Compiling View

    Hi All

    a small prob. in recompiling view as below.

    CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW jncds_purchase_mexx_view (
    transaction_id, transaction_date,........... )
    select transaction_id, transaction_date,.............
    from jncds_control_attributes c, mtl_material_transactions a, mtl_system_items b
    where a.inventory_item_id = b.inventory_item_id
    and a.organization_id = b.organization_id
    and a.organization_id = 54
    and c.attr_id = 24
    and a.last_update_date > c.attr_value
    and a.transaction_type_id in (32, 389, 411, 385, 476)

    the below is the error :

    from jncds_control_attributes c, mtl_material_transactions a, mtl_system_items b
    ERROR at line 21:
    ORA-00604: error occurred at recursive SQL level 1
    ORA-20001: DATASTAGE.JNCDS_PURCHASE_MEXX_VIEW enabled for DDL Event Security:
    You cannot do structural changes to this object.
    ORA-06512: at line 17

    i m owner of this object. could anyone pls help me why i m not able to do so.



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    doesnt the error tell you everything? - you arent allowed to change it due do a trigger you have created

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