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    Cluster and Standby


    we want deploy two database in clustering on W2000 with MCS and Oracle Fail Safe, and 8i over SAN storage.
    The cluster have 2 nodes.
    The node A with two instance: database A (8.1.6) in active mode, and database B (8.1.7) in pasive mode.
    The node B with two instance: database B in active mode, and database A in pasive mode.

    We have 4 questions:
    1. ¿Is this configuration possible?
    2. ¿Can we install two different Oracle versions (8.1.6 and 8.1.7) in the same machine?
    3. ¿Can we protect the environment of fails in the storage controllers no redundant with another machine out of the cluster and the SAN in Standby mode with the two instance in the cluster?
    4. ¿Where can we download the 8i version?

    Thanks!! (Sorry my english)

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    Ill answer a couple of the point - dont know if its technically possible.

    But 8i isn't fully supported anymore, you are on you own (and 8.1.6 hasnt been supported in a long time).


    yes they can be installed on the same machine.

    They cant be downloaded from anywhere anymore. If you want copies and have a valid license you need to raise a TAR with Oracle Support and they will ship the CD's to you

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    1. Yes
    2. Yes
    3. Don't understand the question completely
    4. See davey23uk's response.
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