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    Migration from Oracle 8i to 10g help

    I'm new to 10G and trying to read through the migration documentation but I just wanted to pinch your brains also....

    We are planning to migrate to Oracle 10g from 8.1.7 (on a new server). I want to know, Can we keep the disk layout similar to Oracle 8i (Please see below) i.e does it use the same file structure?. What other things do we need to consider for installing 10g?.

    Disk Layout for Oracle 8i is :-

    Disk01 /disk01/app/oracle/product/8.1.7
    Disk01 /disk01/oradata/MYDB - oracle files (adump,cdump,udump etc.
    Disk02 /disk02/oradata/MYDB - control files,tools,system
    Disk03 /disk03/oradata/MYDB - Temp01.dbf ... Temp04.dbf
    Disk04 /disk04/oradata/MYDB - RBS01.dbf .. RBS_BATCH02.dbf
    Disk05 /Disk05/oradata/MYDB - MYDB_IDX01.dbf .. MYDB_IDX05.dbf
    Disk06 /Disk06/oradata/MYDB - MYDB_IDX06.dbf ... MYDB_IDX10.dbf
    Disk07 /Disk07/oradata/MYDB - MYDB_TAB01.dbf .. MYDB_TAB05.dbf
    Disk08 /Disk08/oradata/MYDB - MYDB_TAB06.dbf .. MYDB_TAB10.dbf
    Disk09 /Disk09/oradata/MYDB - redo11.log .. redo41.log
    Disk10 /Disk10/oradata/MYDB - redo12.log .. redo42.log
    Disk10 /dump

    All help and advice will be appriciated.

    Thanks in advance

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    Appendix D of the 10g Install Guide describes the preferred layout for Oracle files:


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    These are disks or just labeled that way?

    Are these individula disks or mount points for filesystems? Are you using RAID?

    Read through the Oracle upgrade guide for the starting point for the migration. Sometimes it is easier to just export, rebuild and import rather than trying to forcefit an old set of datafiles.

    What size is this database?

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    Re: Migration from Oracle 8i to 10g help

    Originally posted by avion1
    I want to know, Can we keep the disk layout similar to Oracle 8i (Please see below) i.e does it use the same file structure?.
    Yes, you can use exactly the same disk layout as you do now - Oracle *doesn't require* any particular physical datafile layout. It is totaly up to you.

    Is your current disk layout good or even optimal? Well, noone can ansver this question with the supplied information.
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