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    Hi Friends,

    Can any one of you let me know where i can find all the objects created using a table (i.e views,mviews etc.)


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    They are documented in the Database Reference at

    There are a lot of system views involved, and they are generally prefixed with USER_ (objects that you own), ALL_ (objects that you have access to) and DBA_ (all objects).

    Common views you'd use frequently would be user_tables, user_indexes, user_tab_columns, user_source, user_segments, user_objects, user_tablespaces etc.. See the docs for more details.
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    If you are interested in what objects have been created that use a particular table, then look at USER_DEPENDENCIES (or DBA_DEPENDENCIES if other uses may have create view, packages etc which use your tables).

    You may need a CONNECT BY query if you want to report on, for example, a package calling a view using the table.

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