Ok have a hp-ux server with allegedly 8Gb of memory.I do a topand the memory bit comes back:

Memory: 5711504K (2178356K) real, 9770932K (4077104K) virtual, 28528K free Page# 1/18

I'm not sysadmin, and I don't understand unix all that well.

We're running three databases off this box:

database 1 total SGA = 5072 Mb
database 2 total SGA = 368 Mb
database 3 total SGA = 224 Mb

Databases 2 and 3 are slow, there's a lot of waits on latches coming free.

So yes there's a memory issue, but how do I find out the amount of memory on the box, Grid reports 8GB, but whats the difference between virtual and real? I thought virtual was when the system starts swapping out etc.

Basic and stupid question maybe, but after some help.