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    Oracle Apps & its batch jobs


    I just moved yesterday to a new department, which is supporting the Oracle APPS application group.

    Now some of the end users are complaining about the batch jobs are running slow and especially the month end batch jobs are very slow....

    Could you please guide me/direct me, how and where to look and see the bottlenecks when such cases arise?

    Thank you.

    Best regards,

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    I assume that you are referring to some Concurrent Programs as Batch jobs in Oracle Apps.

    If this is the case, you can enable DB trace for these Programs and then the usual stuff of analysing trace file and its tkprof starts.

    To enable trace for a concurrent program you need to navigate to "System Administrator" -> "Concurrent" -> "Program" -> "Define" form. Then query the concerned concurrent program and check "Enable Trace" check box. Log files of subsequent request ids of that program will show you the trace file that was generated.

    One quick thing to be checked before all this is to see how soon was "Gather Schema Statistics" concurrent program run. If it was run long time ago, I'll recommend you to run this program any night as soon as possible.

    Harmeet Kochhar

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