Good Morning developers,
how are you ? Yesterday Oracle held an Oracle Technology Day in part of telling Developers / decision makers " Here we are still Unbreakable" , they showed the new enhancments made in the following ares :
1- Grid Computing ( Real Application Clustering RAC )
2- JDeveloper
3- BPEL ( Business Porcess Execution Language )

Actually using the JDeveloper and BPEL could be an answer to one of my question posted here earlier of how I can integrate web services with Oracle forms, where in the JDeveloper three steps are required ggenerally to use a web service
A- Create the Web Service ( Wizard Driven )
B- Deploy the Web Service on the AS ( using the JDeveloper )
C- Start using the Web Service internally or from outside.

The Enhancements made are really good to the JDeveloper not ot mention that now all the PL/SQL code in the JDeeveloper will become to Java which is considered free source, you won't be stuck with Oracle's PL/SQL anymore, but the question in my mind remains "Will they stop the development of the Oracle Forms ?? " because yesterday they have been asking all the audiance of who is still using the Forms Developer and who is Using JDeveloper in a scary way :P it might be because they want to boost their EXPENSIVE oracle trainings for JDeveloper ?? or it might be becasue they want to stop Oracle Forms ?

Anyway I would love it if you people in this forum share experiances like this ..

Thanks in Advance
Ayman Al-Jomoueee