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    trigger/stored procedure/function viewing

    We are currently running Oracle 9i. And our developers would like to use a special login into the production database to just view the source for triggers/stored procedures/functions/etc. Is there a way I can do this by granting some role/privilege to that special login? Or do they have to use some special views? Thank you in advance...Pat

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    Grant SELECT ANY DICTIONARY to that login. But, that may be very dumb depending upon who the developers are and what do they intend to do.

    You can restrict it by granting SELECT on DBA_SOURCE. May not be a choice of DBAs working under resonably stringent security guidelines.

    You may choose to write a function that returns specified stuff from DBA_SOURCE. And, let the developers execute the function.

    You may also choose to encrypt this function so that they don't see what you are doing.

    And basically, aren't the developers owners of the stored procs/funcs/trigs ? If they are, they should have the source under their control somewhere. Isn't it ? Or, are you running a third party app ?

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