Oracle People:

I'm stuck using EBU backup on a Oracle 7.3 box. I've got the EBU software installed but it can't backup the backup catalog DB.
Starting Catalog Backup job building
EBU-3135: SQL error during:
DECLARE /* insert into OBK_CAT_BCK */ ...
with error:
ORA-01455: converting column overflows integer datatype
on 01-DEC-00 15:12 [ 17847 : brsupiexc ]
EBU-2693: Error while creating entry in Catalog for backup of Catalog
on 01-DEC-00 15:12 [ 17847 : brctcgendmp ]
EBU-3120: SQL error reported from Catalog Database
on 01-DEC-00 15:12 [ 17847 : brcjcrecat ]

Backup of the Catalog did not succeed

Other threads have pointed to the need for Y2k patches which won't install. The following errors after running the ebu 2207 patch as ./

*** Error code 1
make: Fatal error: Command failed for target `ebutestnet'

Why won't these generic patches install on the Sun 5.7 box ? I've seen treads where this patch has solved the original problem.

THANX- Roger