I am an IT Auditor. I need some assistance on one issue relating to licensing requirements in Oracle 9i Enterprise Edition. The scenario is given blow:

In our company, we have BEA Web logic Application server and Oracle 9i Enterprise Edition running on separate machines. We have developed an in-house application system with Web logic as the application server and oracle 9i as the database. All the end (front-end) users are application users and no one is created on the database level. One user is created on the database for the application server, which is responsible for fulfilling the requests from the end users. When the front end user requires any transaction, the request is forwarded to the user created on the Web logic application user, which passes it onto the application user, created at the database level and the request is fulfilled. That is the front end users have been mapped to the Web logic users, which ultimately is mapped to the application user created on the database.

These days, we are deciding whether to buy per user or per processor licenses for Oracle 9i.Currently, we have 10 users at the oracle database level. Can anyone suggest any information in this regard whether to buy per processor or per user license on oracle 9i database? Early reply in this regard will be highly appreciated.