Dear all,

I am new in the Oracle DBA administration field.

Recently when I run Linux command "df -k" to check the disk space, I found directory /opt is above 85%. Normally, it is the listerner.log file eating the space. I checked listener.log file and found that last time it was written is Jan 17,2005 and its size is pretty small.

Is there anybody can help me with the following question?

1. Why listener log file is not written currently?
(owner of listener log file is dba.)

2. How can I find the file that eating the disk space?
(I run Linux command "du -s /opt/*" and found that Data_Warehouse.dfj, Transaction_Processing.dfj and dba.idx have the largest size, but since we use DBCA to create database and dba.idx is system file, we should keep those files. I also checked slqnet.log and audit files, their size is ok. What else file would eat the disk space?)

thanks for your kind help in advance,