I have a query that returns sum amount for a specific transaction.

select drvr_num, sum(amount)
from ledger
where transaction_type = 'CLMR'
group by oracle_drvr_num

Result set:

------- -----------
221751       -2000
221752       -2000
221753       -1400
221754           0
221755           0
221756           0
221757           0
221758       -2000
221759           0
221761           0
221762           0
The thing is I don't want to display the rows with 0 amount. I have a table with mulitple record for each driver with positive and negative amount. So when I sum it, it gives me the sum amount with zeroes as well, for example they may have -50 and +50, it comes out to be zero and I don't want those rows. Is there a way to do this in a subquery. I have to create a report for it in Reports 6i and I tried using the formula but it returns each row multiple times. I thought there might be a solution if i try writing a subquery. Thanks.