Can someone tell me if the following procedure can have any adverse affect on my production DB.

I have 10 Gig free Ram on the production server. One of my stored procedure runs once a year and it runs for 3 days. This procedure updates a lot of tables and does a lot of other things. Inorder to imporve the performance I have exhausted all efforts as far as indexing, hints etc etc. Since I have all this extra memory sitting on the server idle I am thinking of caching one of the table which is used throught this stored procedure. This table is about 1.5 Gig and if I cache it could there be any adverse affect to the overall performance of the database. Also is it better to use the recycle_pool or the keep_pool to cache this large table. In some of the articles I read for large table always use the recycle_pool.

Also can someone recommed how best to use the extra memory if this server is running onlt the database and nothing else.