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    Startup Instance (loading parameters) ERROR

    Hi to all,

    Due to an upgrade of our database environment from NT4 to WIN2000 (which is required on the application version choosen by our Technical Application Manager) I had to install and older version of Oracle RDBMS ( ) on a Pentium 4 2,8 Dual Xeon (stepping 9) windows 2000 server.

    The installation itself needed some extra attention (due to the BUS speed and Xeon CPU’s) but so far so good.

    I recreated the databases needed for the application and it still was running OK.

    On a certain reboot I encountered the next problem;

    Normally when rebooting a server the services are started. After starting these services the instance will be started (NOMOUNT) and at this point the INIT.ORA (or equivelent) will be loaded to set the internal parameters. If everything is loaded the database can be opened.

    What happens at our server…..
    The services are started.
    The Instance is started. (Listenercontrol and tnsping are responding)
    And that it stops doing anything automatically…..

    Now the INIT.ora must be opened from de \database folder (init.ora or init.ora) or it will be redirected to another location.

    If I open the DBA console and start it manually I will be prompted to the \database\INIT.ora file and selecting it the database will be opened normally.

    Please let me know why this is not happening automatically anymore ???

    Second question;

    How can I check the state of the Oracle Instance(s) running a CMD file?
    I created the script below but it stops at the 3rd step (when logging in) if no login is possible the script continues but if it opens sql*plus it stops at entering a name and pw for the 2nd and 3rd time.
    Please help me out on completing this script. (how can I skip these two extra name and pw's in sql*plus? or are the other ways of doing this?)

    Best regards,
    The Netherlands


    @echo off

    if ERRORLEVEL==1 goto not_found
    echo --------------
    echo LISTENER is UP
    echo --------------

    tnsping database
    if ERRORLEVEL==1 goto not_found2
    echo --------------
    echo ORACLE service is UP
    echo --------------

    sqlplus "user/pw@database as sysdba" @exit.sql (execute just an "exit" command)

    ::echo %ERRORLEVEL%
    if ERRORLEVEL==0 goto not_found3
    echo --------------
    echo ORACLE server is UP
    echo --------------
    goto end

    ECHO *****************
    echo LISTENER is DOWN
    ECHO *****************
    goto final

    ECHO ***********************
    echo ORACLE service is DOWN
    ECHO ***********************
    goto final

    ECHO *******************
    ECHO *******************
    goto final

    echo !----------------->>
    echo ALL SYSTEMS GO !!
    echo !----------------->>

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