We are using WE8ISO8859P15 as a default character set on 10g(Windows 2000) and AL16UTF16 as a national Character set. Although this supports Euro Symbol (IF NLS_LANG is set at client), but doesn't store following...
This character ´ (hex:B4) ascii 180. When data is entered it shows ¿ (reverse question mark).

create table tempmy (Name varchar2(30));
insert into tempmy values ('D'||chr(180)||'costa');
insert into tempmy values ('O'||chr(180)||'Brian');
insert into tempmy values ('My Currency '||CHR(128));

But if same example is used when Default character set WE8MSWIN1252 (This also supports Euro symbol) and NLS Character set AL16UTF16 Then it shows proper data...


Could you please guide us in this. Also is it manadatory to set NLS_LANG for Euro Symbol?

Thanks & Regards,