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Thread: ora-12801 parallel query server

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    ora-12801 parallel query server

    Hi, User is running a sql script which has "create table as select " , "insert into table select", and update statements in one sql script.
    The script was executed by user and I can see 1 user in OS but see 4 oracle users running the program each as p000,p001,p002,p003.

    can anyone give little input why I can see 4 oracle users. Is that because the queries running in parallel ?? But if it is a script does not it execute one after the other.

    User got a error later
    ORA - 12801 error signalled in parallel query server p003.
    ORA-01652 unable to extend temp segment by 1024 in tablepsace temp.

    The temp tablespace is 8G. This is happening because of the process running in parallel.

    where is the problem occuring? is that because of parallel queries. what is ultimate solution.
    I appriciate your help

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    Yup, its a parallel query issue. You (probably) need more TEMP when operating with PQ. If you are not specifying your degree with a hint, you might look at the tables involved. They probably have a degree > 0. To turn PQ off, you can override the default degree with +PARALLEL(table_alias,1).
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    Parallel_query is false in my parameter file.
    Tables are created in noparallel. I see the first table degree value 1 and other table degree as 2 in user_tables.

    +parallel hint is need if the table is in parallel right ? I am not understanding why the query is running in parallel when there is no parallel option is true or valu is 0.

    Please help

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    parallel 2 = parallel query therefore you are getting what you asked for.

    Also there is no parallel_query parameter - what are you looking at

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    parallel_query is in v$parameters. Thank you.
    Write now user is runing the query in the same way he used to run. The query is running in parallel. if I make the table noparallel now, will there be any effect for the user when the query is running.

    If I make the table noparallel will there be any problem by changing the degree from parallel to noparallel.

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