Hi Friends,

I've just seen weird things about my rman backup to disk.
I run rman backup on 8i AIX 4.3.3. but I forgot to set the output format to direct it to a bigger disk space which is in /u04. Instead it defaulted to /u01/app/oracle/product/8.1.7/dbs. So I aborted the process immediately. When I ls -l the size of the output, i was surprised that it is 16Gb+ but my /u01 disk has onlly 2gb freespace.
It seems that it is taking a virtual space from somewhere? Is this normal about rman backups? Can I delete the output or do i have to
run some rman cleanup commands whenever I aborted an rman process.

I rerun the process again using the right output disk and i check
the outfile size and they have same size with the first aborted one.
But the process is taking so long. I wonder if it got locked up with
the aborted 1st run.

Thanks a lot for ur unfailing support