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Thread: SGA sizing ...

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    can anybody pls throw some light on how to size the SGA while setting up the database ... also pls suggest me any online information avabl on that .
    thanx in advance ..

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    Sga - not > 30% of your RAM system-machine.
    Sga depends on what kind of database you are going to biul
    (the size of db - small, large, XL etc..)
    take a look here: [url]http://info-it.umsystem.edu/oradocs/doc/server/doc/SCN73/ch9.htm[/url]

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    SGA sizing ...

    Basically the SGA should be around 40-45% of your physical RAM.

    If block size is 2k(2048 bytes) then the log_buffer_size should be minimum of 4 times of block size.i.e it should be 8k(8192 bytes).

    The db_block_size is multiplied to db_block_buffers to get the total block buffer size.
    The remaining is alloted to Shared_pool_size. Basically for small database 3 MB is allotted. Medium 7MB. Large 10 MB or more. Depending upon the situation and the memory capacity.

    To add flavor to the SGA, Sort_Area_Size is allotted enough space.

    Incresing the block size alone will increase the performance of the database.

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    thanks for shredding some light on SGA..
    could you also explain how variable size is calculated and how redobuffers are calculated.

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