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    I am an absolute beginer to Oracle so this Q may seem VERY SIMPLE but please humor me ... i DESPERATELY need the answer....:

    I have written a Stored Procedure which takes in an IN parameter and returns a single OUT value.

    When I run this procedure from the SQL> prompt it runs and comes back with a message saying "PL/SQL Procedure Successfully Completed" but I cannot see the returned value on the screen!!!!

    How do I see this?? To extend the issue ... if the procedure is going to retun an entire row or a set of rown how will I see them???

    Also if I am going to call the procedure from PHP script how will i use the returned value(s)??

    Please H E L P !!!!


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    Oct 2000
    Do one thing: in the procedure, add DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE built-in function to output whatever you want just before the end or wherever you want to put in. And don't forget setting server output on by "set serveroutput on" in sqlplus.

    If the output is a set which has potential large number of characters, then add option "size 1000000" following the "set serveroutput on".

    Take care

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