8.1.7 in linux advance server

CLOSE_CACHED_OPEN_CURSORS what is the default value for this in parameter .

when i queried the show parameters in sql prompt i didnt get the value for this parameter.

so 2 questions

where will i find the value of this parameter.
and what is the default value = true or false

background_core_dump string partial
background_dump_dest string /buildback/ora/app/oracle/admi
bitmap_merge_area_size integer 1048576
commit_point_strength integer 1
compatible string 8.1.0
control_file_record_keep_time integer 2
control_files string /buildback/ora/app/oracle/orad
ata/HNS/control02.ctl, /buildb
/control03.ctl, /buildback/ora
core_dump_dest string /buildback/ora/app/oracle/admi
cpu_count integer 2
create_bitmap_area_size integer 8388608
cursor_sharing string EXACT
cursor_space_for_time boolean FALSE
db_block_buffers integer 65536
db_block_checking boolean FALSE
db_block_checksum boolean FALSE
db_block_lru_latches integer 1
db_block_max_dirty_target integer 65536
db_block_size integer 8192
db_domain string
db_file_direct_io_count integer 64
db_file_multiblock_read_count integer 8
db_file_name_convert string
db_files integer 200
db_name string HNS
db_writer_processes integer 1
dblink_encrypt_login boolean FALSE
dbwr_io_slaves integer 0
disk_asynch_io boolean TRUE
distributed_transactions integer 10
dml_locks integer 2560
enqueue_resources integer 2780
event string
fast_start_io_target integer 65536
fast_start_parallel_rollback string LOW
fixed_date string
gc_defer_time integer 10
gc_files_to_locks string
gc_releasable_locks integer 0
gc_rollback_locks string 0-128=32!8REACH
global_names boolean FALSE
hash_area_size integer 20971520
hash_join_enabled boolean TRUE
hash_multiblock_io_count integer 0
hi_shared_memory_address integer 0
hs_autoregister boolean TRUE
ifile file
instance_groups string
instance_name string HNS
instance_number integer 0
java_max_sessionspace_size integer 0
java_pool_size string 50971520
java_soft_sessionspace_limit integer 0
job_queue_interval integer 60
job_queue_processes integer 4
large_pool_size string 85242880
license_max_sessions integer 0
license_max_users integer 0
license_sessions_warning integer 0
lm_locks integer 12000
lm_ress integer 6000
local_listener string
lock_name_space string
lock_sga boolean FALSE
log_archive_dest string
log_archive_dest_1 string LOCATION=/buildback/ora/app/or
log_archive_dest_2 string LOCATION=/home2/ora/HNS/arch
log_archive_dest_3 string
log_archive_dest_4 string
log_archive_dest_5 string
log_archive_dest_state_1 string enable
log_archive_dest_state_2 string enable
log_archive_dest_state_3 string enable
log_archive_dest_state_4 string enable
log_archive_dest_state_5 string enable
log_archive_duplex_dest string
log_archive_format string %t_%s.dbf
log_archive_max_processes integer 4
log_archive_min_succeed_dest integer 1
log_archive_start boolean TRUE
log_archive_trace integer 0
log_buffer integer 163840
log_checkpoint_interval integer 10000
log_checkpoint_timeout integer 1800
log_checkpoints_to_alert boolean FALSE
log_file_name_convert string
max_commit_propagation_delay integer 700
max_dump_file_size string UNLIMITED
max_enabled_roles integer 30
max_rollback_segments integer 128
mts_circuits integer 582
mts_dispatchers string (PROTOCOL=TCP)(PRE=oracle.auro
mts_listener_address string
mts_max_dispatchers integer 5
mts_max_servers integer 100
mts_multiple_listeners boolean FALSE
mts_servers integer 1
mts_service string HNS
mts_sessions integer 577
nls_language string AMERICAN
nls_numeric_characters string
nls_sort string
nls_territory string AMERICA
nls_time_format string
object_cache_max_size_percent integer 10
object_cache_optimal_size integer 102400
open_cursors integer 600
open_links integer 4
open_links_per_instance integer 4
ops_interconnects string
optimizer_index_caching integer 0
optimizer_index_cost_adj integer 100
optimizer_max_permutations integer 80000
optimizer_mode string CHOOSE
optimizer_percent_parallel integer 0
oracle_trace_collection_name string
oracle_trace_collection_path string ?/otrace/admin/cdf
oracle_trace_collection_size integer 5242880
oracle_trace_enable boolean FALSE
oracle_trace_facility_name string oracled
oracle_trace_facility_path string ?/otrace/admin/fdf
os_authent_prefix string
os_roles boolean FALSE
parallel_adaptive_multi_user boolean FALSE
parallel_automatic_tuning boolean FALSE
parallel_broadcast_enabled boolean FALSE
parallel_execution_message_size integer 2148
parallel_instance_group string
parallel_max_servers integer 5
parallel_min_percent integer 0
parallel_min_servers integer 0
parallel_server boolean FALSE
parallel_server_instances integer 1
parallel_threads_per_cpu integer 2
partition_view_enabled boolean FALSE
plsql_v2_compatibility boolean FALSE
pre_page_sga boolean FALSE
processes integer 525
query_rewrite_enabled boolean FALSE
query_rewrite_integrity string enforced
rdbms_server_dn string
read_only_open_delayed boolean FALSE
recovery_parallelism integer 0
remote_dependencies_mode string TIMESTAMP
remote_login_passwordfile string EXCLUSIVE
remote_os_authent boolean FALSE
remote_os_roles boolean FALSE
replication_dependency_tracking boolean TRUE
resource_limit boolean FALSE
resource_manager_plan string
rollback_segments string
row_locking string always
serial_reuse string DISABLE
serializable boolean FALSE
service_names string HNS
session_cached_cursors integer 0
session_max_open_files integer 10
sessions integer 582
shadow_core_dump string partial
shared_memory_address integer 0
shared_pool_reserved_size string 44343545
shared_pool_size string 886870912
sort_area_retained_size integer 10485760
sort_area_size integer 10485760
sort_multiblock_read_count integer 2
sql92_security boolean FALSE
sql_trace boolean FALSE
tape_asynch_io boolean TRUE
text_enable boolean FALSE
thread integer 0
timed_os_statistics integer 0
timed_statistics boolean FALSE
tracefile_identifier string
transactions_per_rollback_segment integer 5
user_dump_dest string /buildback/ora/app/oracle/admi
utl_file_dir string