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Thread: Some Queries..!

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    1) Any anyone tell the architecture behind the listener...?

    2) Some of the improvements from Oracle 8 to 8i...?

    3) Why and when we should have redolog files...?

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    Hope you enjoy reading :)

    1) [url]http://oradoc.photo.net/ora816/network.816/a76933/toc.htm[/url]

    2) [url]http://cramsession.brainbuzz.com/cramsession/oracle/oracle8iupgrade/guide.asp[/url] or [url]http://technet.oracle.com/doc/oracle8i_816/server.816/a76962/toc.htm[/url]

    3) In a nutshell redo logs keep track of each transaction commited to the database so in case of failure, these logs can be applied to the database to recover. You should always have some redo logs. You can set it up so the files are automatically archived so you will always (depending on the failure I suppose) be able to recover to the point of failure. For Oracle's take check out [url]http://technet.oracle.com/doc/oracle8i_816/server.816/a76956/onlinere.htm#273[/url] and [url]http://technet.oracle.com/doc/oracle8i_816/server.816/a76956/archredo.htm#4972[/url]

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