Hi all,

I have some Oracle Reports questions:
1).- I created reports using Oracle Reports 6i, and I would like to be able to make reports copies and try various types of formatting, and save them under different names. I changed the .rdf file name, but when I opened the report it appeared with the same name as before, which is confusing. Iwould like the report to apear in Report Builder with the same name as .rdf file name. I assume that, at creation, the report name is recorded somewhere where it appears I don't have access. Is it possible to make the report name in Report Builder to be identical with the .rdf file name?

2).- I need create a report with the same header as one that was created by somebody else. It was not used any template.
In the Layout Model/Main section/Margin there is a image object, but I loooked in the Property Palette and there is no path to that image. Was the image embedded as a OLE object? Also on the Layout Model I do not see the header portion at all.
The questions are: where is the reference to the image embedded, and coulld I see the header portion in the Layout Model?

Any help will be appreciated.