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Thread: Backup RBS in hot backup - version 8.1.7

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    Backup RBS in hot backup - version 8.1.7


    I'm using Oracle version 8.1.7, and was wondering:

    1. If the datafiles for the RBS (rollback segment) tablespace should be backed up as part of the hot backup.

    2. Before backing up any of the datafiles, we execute the following commands which have nothing to do with the rollback segment, is it correct:

    alter system switch logfile;
    alter system archive log all;

    3. Is there a way to flush out the RBS (version 8.1.7) or the UNDOTBS (version 9.2) tablespaces?

    4. Similarly, in Oracle version 9.2, should the datafiles for the UNDOTBS be backed up as part of the hot backup?

    Any information provided will be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks,

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    1. yes
    2. yes
    3. what are you talking about?
    4. yes

    Here's a hint: use RMAN.
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    3. If you don't use RMAN, the physical file is copied, so you can't save any time or space. AFAIK, if you do use RMAN, only blocks that have never been occupied are skipped, with the much same result. I don't think there is any way you can reduce the amount of data to be backed up from the RBS/UNDO.

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    Thanks to Jeff and DaPi. The information provided is very helpful.


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