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    Import existing DMP in Oracle 9i

    I'm new here and also in using Oracle 9i.
    I have a problem that I want to ask some favor to whoever would want to answer my question?
    Before, we had an Oracle server (my boss installed this one!)... A few weeks ago we formatted the Oracle Server, although we first save the dmp file in a safe location. Now I had already installed the OS (Windows 2000 Server, with Active Directory and DNS running). My problem now is that, when we imported the dmp file using JOBS, it always display a failed message "VNI-22015: The node preferred credentials for the target node are either invalid or do not have sufficient privileges to complete the operation. On Windows platforms, the node credentials specified for the windows target should have the "LOG ON AS A BATCH JOB" privilege." Can someone please help/teach me how to import correctly the DMP. Also, what type (roles, ) will I add to the user name that i will use to import this. I do not how to use the command mode so maybe you can teach me in different ways, although I will very greatly appreciate if someone will also teach me how to use it.

    Thanks in advance.
    You can also e-mail me at jjx34ever@yahoo.com

    God bless to all
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    Before you do the import, run the catalog.sql or catexp.sql scripts located at %ORACLE_HOME%\rdbms\admin, which will install two most essential roles for import and export i.e., IMP_FULL_DATABASE and EXP_FULL_DATABASE. And next, grant IMP_FULL_DATABASE to the user doing the import. And finally run the IMP tool in console to do the import. Am I clear enough ? ;P


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    Mention the steps you did to get your database up after you formatted your server( Assuming that you have created a database after installing Windoze and Oracle softwares).
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