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    Weekly knocks against MetaLink

    There is so much wrong with the MetaLink web site that it warrants public shaming. Feel free to add your list of knocks against it.

    Feedback about MetaLink
    Re: Printing Notes/Documents

    Do you think it would be feasible to fix MetaLink so that it would be possible to print documents directly from the document? If viewing a note or document and the user wants to print said item, don't you think it is pretty obvious that only the note or document should be printed? For example, many well-designed Web sites on planet Earth follow basic design principles/good practices and make their web pages user-friendly - and one such user-friendly aspect is the ability for the user to print the contents of the main frame. In constrast, users of MetaLink, if using IE's print button, not only get the relevant document, but all of the other frames. That is pretty dumb for you to allow that. It takes a bit of sophistication on the user's part to get into the print preview and then into the "Only the selected frame" option. I use and surf the web a lot. I can't think of any other site that has the same stupid, poorly designed, horrendous user interface that MetaLink has. The more and more I use have to use MetaLink, the more and more I'm leaning towards pushing my company to SQL Server.

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    In IE right click on the article and choose print. Always works a treat for me. I have to admit I spent months trying to get a print without the frames, and then a colleague showed me the right click trick.

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    Ohhh where to start

    patch searching... Ever try to bring up the patching web page in Netscape on Solaris? It's horrid. I appreciate them trying to get all fancy but considering the vast array of web browsers they have hitting up against it, they should go back to the orginal text based. It was sooo nice just having a text drop down box.
    more later...
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    trying to copy and paste - they cant even get that right

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    My pet peve is the inconsistancy in how you have to search on error codes: better try ORA-69, ORA-069, ORA-0069 and ORA-00069

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