I reinstalled Forms/Reports Services 10g on my Linux Red Hat Enterprise 3 (ES) box.
I noticed the following discrepencies / issues following the Oracle Installation Guide:

1) The version of the openmotif installed is: openmotif 2.2.2-16, the one required is openmotif21-
2) In my .bash_profile file, I set the LD_ASSUME_KERNEL parameter from 2.4.1 to 2.4.21-4 + made sure that the PATH / CLASSPATH / LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable did not reference any ORACLE_HOME folders
3) I noticed that NLS_LANG was not set
4) I am not sure if I am using the hugemem Kernel, but I ran the command setarch i386
5) I ran patch 3006854, but got an output: bash:.////: permission denied
(I noticed that I have 3 files in the /etc folder, ld.so.conf, ld.so.cache, ld.so.preload)

Could any of these discrepencies explain why I cannot run my WebReports through WebForms ?