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    hi can anybody tell the diff between workgroup server version of 8.1.5 and enterprise edition,except partitioning,index organized tables and transportable tablespace features.whats the basic difference??in which case one should use workgroup server and in which case one should use enterprise edition???

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    It's mainly all the options like you mention...

    You can't get any of these with Workgroup, including Parallel server etc.

    Use enterprise if:
    a) You have the budget!
    b) You have the need (or forsee the need) to use any of these additional options.

    I guess it's possible that there could be more to it, but I was given this information from Oracle support a few months back.

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    Refer to note 74247.1 from Metalink to see a list of all the differences between Workgroup and EE servers.

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