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    What considerations to be made for Sizing the database??

    Hi All,

    One of our new client have requested us to help them out in sizing their servers for their MIS Application. This application has been developed on Oracle and is hosted on a Windows platform. This MIS
    application will be accessed by the clients branches from 250 locations.

    So Gurus Pls lemme know what are the questions to be put forward to the client , to get more information on the application whether
    it is a forms program, proc program, etc Or wether it will be web
    based) etc and what queries to be put forward regarding the database sizing issues and memory sizing keeping in consideration of any other applications which may be given room to reside in the server etc.

    Kindly put forward your thoughts.

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    Hmmmm, Your best bet would be to hire a DBA with 5 or more years of Production experience to help you out. This is not something someone with little experience can do. I'm sure there are a hand full of DBA's here that would be more than happy to help you out.. for a fee of course. If not, when you create your database, have all your tablespaces on autoextent and let it fly.

    Just as an initial observation...
    You're going to have a minium of 250 clients accessing this thing and you're running Widoz? Tsk tsk.. very bad move.
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    You should ask (not necessarily in this order):

    -For an ERD of the database so you can see the tables you are working with and their relationships.
    -Go and read application documentation to understand table usage.
    -Read it again.

    -Expected query response time (bearing in mind you will experience some latency in your configuration because your queries are coming from distributed locations).

    -Expected growth of tables. If they don't know you might be able to work it out based on workload*rowsize. You really need to understand the database and object relationships to be able to do this.


    Based on this you should:

    recommend RAID type.
    Number of disk arrays required to spread PIO.
    Amount of RAM required to accomodate correctly sized SGA

    You mentioned that you expected other applications to be running on your database server? Not a good idea IMHO.

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