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    Can I create a local index for only one of the partitions?

    If I have 2 partitions, named part1 and part2, can I create a local index for only part2, not part1?

    When I look at the CREATE INDEX syntax, I don't see a place to specify a partition name.


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    Key word Local

    Maybe this will help you

    Example :

    CREATE INDEX invoices_idx ON invoices (invoice_date) LOCAL;

    CREATE INDEX invoices_idx ON invoices (invoice_date) LOCAL
    (PARTITION invoices_q1 TABLESPACE users,
    PARTITION invoices_q2 TABLESPACE users,
    PARTITION invoices_q3 TABLESPACE users,
    PARTITION invoices_q4 TABLESPACE users);

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    The answer is: NO.

    But if you are so desperate to have only rows in one of the partitions indexed (I can't find any reason why would one want to have such a thing)), then you should read about function-based indexes.
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