I posted this on metalink but figured I'd copy it here just in case someone knows because response time is faster than the oracle reps.

I'm working on one of the first steps of upgrading applications from 11.0.3 to 11i, making our 11.0.3 installation work in an 8i database instead of 8.0.5.

I'm following document 114212.1, and have a question about what my environment should look after step 11.

1) It says my TWO_TASK should be set to the connect string of the application database that I define. I assume this is the new 8.1.6 database?

2) Should my ORACLE_SID point to the 8.0.5 or 8.1.6 database? It says my ORACLE_HOME,PATH,ORA_NLS, etc should be pointing to the 8.0.5, but it doesn't mention the ORACLE_SID.

3) Are there any other ambiguous variables I should set as the user who manages the applications filesystem to ensure that the 11.0.3 applications will use the 8.1.6 database?

4) Assuming those environment variables are set correctly, when I apply patches 1239901 and 1244775 I shouldn't have to do anything special for it to patch the new 8.1.6 database correct?