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Thread: Autocommit in truncate table

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    Question Autocommit in truncate table

    I gave the following statements in the sql prompt

    SQL > update tableA set columnA=’XXXXX’ ;

    SQL > truncate table tableB;

    SQL > rollback;

    I know that, tableB cannot be rollbacked. But I want to rollback the update statement given in the tableA. Due to the auto commit in the truncate statement, the first update statement also committed automatically.

    Can any one explain, why I am not able to rollback the first update statement? Is there is any oracle document saying that, all the transaction before the truncate statement are automatically committed?


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    Yes its in the docs, truncate does an implicit commit, so any pending transactions will be commited
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    luckily you tested.

    go through the docs on this basics and test them.
    (not on the live databases!!! too dangerous.

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