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Thread: scheduling jobs

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    scheduling jobs


    I have to schedule print jobs on Oracle 9i DB.
    The Report table structure is as below

    RepJobID PrintJobDt RepoFreq
    1 14/10/2004 1
    2 02/12/2004 2
    3 10/09/2004 3
    4 09/11/2004 1

    RepoFreq: 1 - weekly, 2 monthly, 3 daily

    PrintJobDt: is the date from when the Report should start printing. This date
    will not be changed after the report is printed.

    I have to have a DBMS_JOB running each day morning, which will query this table. And schedule priniting of each report based on the report frequency (RepoFreq), from the
    Day the Report has to start printing for the first time (PrintJobDt).
    Weekly report means should print for 7 days. The last report printed date
    is not stored in any tables.



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    You should create a PL/SQL procedure to schedule the right report on the right day.
    this space intentionally left blank

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