Since I no longer have access to Oracle Enterprise Manager, I wrote the following queries to pull back inofrmation about the tablespaces and table.

I would appreciate any constructive critisism and suggestions that people have. So far I haven't found an existing query that gives me the information that I want.

Thanks in advance.

COL "Table Name" FORMAT A20
COL "TS Name"    FORMAT A10

SELECT dba_tablespaces.tablespace_name               "TS Name", 
       dba_tablespaces.extent_management             "TS Type",
       ROUND(dba_tablespaces.initial_extent/1024, 2) "Init (KB)",
       ROUND(dba_tablespaces.min_extlen/1024, 2)     "Min  (KB)",
       dba_segments.KBUsed                           "Used (KB)",
       NVL(dba_data_files.FreeKBytes, 0)             "Free (KB)",
       dba_data_files.MaxKBytes                      "Max  (KB)",
       dba_tablespaces.pct_increase                  "% Increase"
  FROM dba_tablespaces,
       ( SELECT tablespace_name, 
                ROUND(SUM(bytes)/1024, 2) KBUsed
           FROM dba_segments
          GROUP BY tablespace_name ) dba_segments,
       ( SELECT dba_data_files.tablespace_name, 
                ROUND(SUM(maxbytes)/1024, 2)                  MaxKBytes,
                ROUND(SUM(user_free_space.bytes)/1024, 2)     FreeKBytes
           FROM dba_data_files
           LEFT OUTER JOIN
             ( SELECT tablespace_name, bytes
                 FROM dba_free_space ) user_free_space                ON
                      dba_data_files.tablespace_name  = 
          GROUP BY dba_data_files.tablespace_name ) dba_data_files
 WHERE dba_tablespaces.tablespace_name = dba_segments.tablespace_name AND
       dba_tablespaces.tablespace_name = dba_data_files.tablespace_name
 ORDER BY dba_tablespaces.tablespace_name;

SELECT all_tables.table_name                   "Table Name",
       all_tables.tablespace_name              "TS Name",
       all_tables.pct_free                     "% Free",
		 all_tables.pct_used                     "% Used",
       init_extents.InitKB                     "Init (KB)",
		 all_tables.next_extent                  "Next (KB)",
		 dba_extents.KBUsed                      "KB Used",
       dba_extents.KBFree                      "KB Free",
		 dba_extents.TotalExtents                "Total Extents",
       all_tables.max_extents                  "Max Extents"
  FROM all_tables,
    ( SELECT segment_name, ROUND(SUM(bytes)/1024, 2) InitKB
        FROM dba_extents
       WHERE segment_type = 'TABLE'                           AND
             owner        = 'FIN'                             AND
             (segment_name, extent_id)                        IN 
             (SELECT segment_name, MIN(extent_id)
                FROM dba_extents
               WHERE segment_type = 'TABLE'                   AND
                     owner = 'FIN'
               GROUP BY segment_name)
       GROUP BY segment_name ) init_extents, 
    ( SELECT segment_name, 
             ROUND(SUM(dba_extents.bytes)/1024, 2)     KBUsed,
             ROUND(SUM(user_free_space.bytes)/1024, 2) KBFree,
             COUNT(*) TotalExtents
        FROM dba_extents
         ( SELECT block_id, bytes
             FROM dba_free_space ) user_free_space            ON
                  dba_extents.block_id      = 
            WHERE segment_type = 'TABLE'                      AND
                  owner        = 'FIN'
            GROUP BY dba_extents.segment_name ) dba_extents
   WHERE all_tables.table_name = init_extents.segment_name    AND
         all_tables.table_name = dba_extents.segment_name;