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Thread: Question on Statspack: parses and executions

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    Post Question on Statspack: parses and executions

    I have a 9i Database (
    and when I run statspack
    under the section of Parses and Executions
    " Parse Calls Executions Parses Hash Value"

    I have entries like:

    2,853 2,853 3.68 864382921
    Module: clearquest.exe
    select site_id, next_aux_id from dbglobal

    True the init.ora - cursor_sharing is set to EXACT
    (and session_cached_cursors set to 100)

    Why is the # of parses = # executions,
    For such a sql statement (with no constants)
    why should it not in parsed once ?
    (If there are differences [spaces for example] of the same sql statement
    why does the sql statement show once?)

    The SharePool is big enough ; currently 464MB
    and according to SharePool Advice
    even almost 1/2 (272 MB) the timed saved factor is the same.

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    "Parse calls" includes hard and soft parses.

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    "Parse calls" in this section indicates "soft parses".
    The sql statement was initially hard parsed when it was first executed. But subsequent sessions sent the same statement to oracle. So Oracle has to do soft parse only - checking privileges etc for the new users.


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    What is the purpose of the Section if the parse and execution will have the same number 99.9% (if parse means that it includes hard and soft) ?

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