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Thread: What does INCREMENT_BY mean?

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    What does INCREMENT_BY mean?

    When creating a tablespace and specifying autoextend on on the datafile, you have an option to specify the NEXT value for extending.

    When you query dba_data_files, this reflects the INCREMENT_BY column. But when I specify a NEXT value of 500K, the INCREMENT_BY column in dba_data_files show 63.

    What units is this value in? Blocks?

    It appears that it would...

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    From metalink

    Doc ID: Note:155910.1
    Subject: What Is The Unit Of INCREMENT_BY Column Of DBA_DATA_FILES?
    Type: HOWTO
    Status: PUBLISHED
    Content Type: TEXT/X-HTML
    Creation Date: 22-JUN-2001
    Last Revision Date: 05-SEP-2002

    goal: What is the unit of INCREMENT_BY column of DBA_DATA_FILES?
    fact: Oracle Server - Enterprise Edition 8
    fact: DBA_DATA_FILES view
    fact: INCREMENT_BY column


    The unit is the number of database blocks

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