Hi all,
I am doing thesis in "SAP Sizing".For my sizing model I have taken the following parameters.They are

Network Arrival Rate (A)
Average Query Size (F)
Initialization Time (I)
Static Server Time (Y)
Dynamic Server Rate (R)

Network arrival rate (A) is the average number of queries (i.e., "hits") received by the Database server each second. It is important to understand that A denotes an average and not an instantaneous value. Conceptually, it is often easier to mentally translate any reference to A into a corresponding "hits per day" value; just multiply A by 60*60*24 = 86,400.

Average Query size (F) is the average size (in bytes) of the queries served.

Initialization time (I), Static server time (Y), and Dynamic server rate (R) collectively describe the speed at which the Database server handles requests. I represent the average time required to perform parsing and execution for each statement. Y represents the time spent processing a buffer that is independent of the size of that buffer. Finally, R represents the rate (bytes/second) at which the server processes the buffer.

For analysing the model I need this test data.Can somebody tell me how can I find the test data from SAP R/3 Sytsem.Can we find them from V$ tables,if so from which tables.

Please let me know if you need any further information.

Your comments and suggestions are appreciated.
Phani K Bandaru