We have a 10g Grid control EM server on linux. After installing the 10g grid agent on a Sun Solaris 5.9 server containing a Oracle application 10g server we notice some heavy performance problems. We have the following setup:
Sun Solaris version 5.9 64 bit
1 infrastructure and 3 middletiers

The infrastructure is installed under the user oracle and the middletiers are installed under the user iasmgr. We wanted to monitor the middletiers so we have installed the agent software under the user iasmgr.

When we start the agent under the iasmgr we see the CPU hitting a load of 11 and 0% idle time. After stopping the agent everything is back normal again.

We do not have any problems with an agent on Sun Solaris 5.8 with Oracle application server 9ir2

Did someone see this before? Any help is an appreciated.